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Why Hrocdol, as a name, originated as a Diablo 1 character; a warrior, who ended up as a fearsome axe-wielding monster slayer. It was... Early in my college career, as I recall, and I thought it a unique enough name that I kept using it for other things to avoid conflicting with other names; at first games, then eventually instant messaging, web forums, and now, finally, for my web site.

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Blog entry 20180921-2201

CGP Grey made this little video that I found insightful:

Thinking About Attention -- Walk with Me

I don't feel like I'm in the space he's concerned about falling into, but I am aware that I have made some conscious choices about not engaging with certain attention draining things. I have a handful of podcasts that I enjoy, but I'm not scooping up more hand over fist. I occasionally find my way to a reddit post, but only when I've hit a search result from there. I've elected not to engage with SnapTwitBookstaGram (or similar) at all. I watch very few movies or TV shows. I do follow a select set of YouTube channels, which I consume mostly with the Subscription page (thank goodness they haven't corrupted that horribly, yet)...

But all that said, I think Grey's on to something here.

My choices do have consequences, but I feel like I have an ability to focus my attention that many others appear not to have. I work with a group of people who have made similar choices about engaging with much of the Social Media world, and I feel like we all benefit from that limitation.

Anyway, probably Grey won't ever see my blog post, but I do thank him for sharing his comments, and I hope you enjoy them, and maybe have a think about what you do with your attention, too.

Blog entry 20180620-1917

Adam Savage is like a Nerf superhero.

How could anybody not love this guy?!

Blog entry 20170823-1931

I got a neat photo of a tree's shadow during the recent eclipse. It was only partial here, but it was still pretty impressive.

You can see in the photo a bunch of little crescent shapes, which is cool, but it doesn't really do justice to watching them appear and overlap and wave around as the tree moved in the breeze. It was mesmerizing.

Blog entry 20170422-1424

Steve Mould on education:

"I love a good algorithm. I love finding algorithms. I love creating algorithms. Algorithms are fantastic. And actually, long division is a brilliant example of an algorithm. But, you know what? I don't wanna /do/ algorithms. I don't wanna be the guy turning the handle. I don't even wanna practice turning the handle. Like, I enjoy learning about the handle, and how the handle works, but I don't wanna be the guy doin' this. [hand motion like turning a crank] That's just boring! You know?"

Much of the talk is going on about education, which is important and good, but... ALGORITHMS! We think so much alike on this!

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